Busboy Rewarded for Rare Display of Honesty

Considering the hard economic realities prevailing in today’s world, it is somewhat difficult to come by anyone still maintaining some level of honesty and integrity. Economic hardship had almost turned the world’s generally accepted mantra to “every man for himself, God for everyone else.” However, someone called Johnny “Thumper” Duckworth had proved that there are still honest people around, who would still give up everything to satisfy their integrity and conscience. He had proved himself to stand out from the crowd and he is also getting rewarded for it. Johnny “Thumper” Duckworth was a busboy at a diner. He is a 50 year old man. The honesty he displayed at work had earned him torrent of tips from people all over.

What did Johnny “Thumper” Duckworth do to deserve this encomium? While working at the diner, he found an envelope filled with $100 bills and he decided to hand the money over to his boss without attempting to hide it or remove any of the money for himself. He immediately went back to his work after handing it over. Name of the boss was Randy Emmons. The envelope actually contained $3,000, which would have benefited Jonny a great deal if he had kept it.

His salary is never sufficient to pay for his needs, like housing, electricity, healthcare and others. He rides bike to work since he has no car. Consequently, Duckworth had every reason to keep this money for himself, but integrity and honesty prevailed on him, which made him return the envelope untampered. The money in question was mistakenly left by one of the regular customers patronising Randy Emmons.

Emmons called on the customer to return his lost money to him. The said customer was so glad; he never expected to see the money again. He could not hold back his admiration for Johnny “Thumper” Duckworth and he instantly rewarded Duckworth with 10% of the total amount, which amounted to $300.

Duckworth’s integrity, even while facing poverty, motivated Emmons to set up a GoFundMe page called “Tip Thumper” to raise enough money to give a new start to the man who is sleeping on friends’ couches. The campaign has raised $26,000 in ten days.

Duckworth is amazed and excited at the response and says he’d like to meet everyone who’s given money so he could thank them “face to face.”