Life Now And Then In Pictures

A lot has changed. Not in a good way I’d say. How will it look like in 2025?

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6 9 11 Pictures That Compare Life Today To How It Used To Be...You'll Laugh At The Difference  789


hjo iuyt kop

uytruuuu uytre лорпа

  • Sto Cristian

    sharing is still caring 😀

    • voldgift

      I didn’t get that one.

      • Sto Cristian

        piracy mate, it’s illegal to share your games

        • AaronS

          Glorious seeder master race, death to leechers 😉

  • Richard Berry

    shared this truth on

  • Allen Walker

    Go home your retired,,

    • MushMash


      • Fanatoli Guyoff

        its your now. That the old person way to spell it

        • MushMash

          Or maybe the intelligent way to spell it?

        • Tracey Hayes

          Are you serious? Goof!

        • The Man

          Fanatoli – What an idiot, you retarded F***. It’s still “YOU’RE” and always will be, and how about “THAT’S” and if you’ve heard of possessive pronouns (which I doubt), it’s “PERSON’S”.

          • Fanatoli Guyoff

            Okay old guy. Start screamin get offa my lawn now too. Tell me all about mattlock and taking rides in town cars if you wanna. It’s 2015 we spell them all your now for efficiency. guess you never used a phone before. Have fun with your old ways.

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