Sacramento Transforms Waste to Wealth

Things are happening in Sacramento that very few people across the country are experiencing. In Sacramento, food is not allowed to waste anymore; excess food is now being turned to fuel. After food is consumed, the left over is gathered together and prepared for fuel-making. Consequently, nothing is allowed to waste.

Sacramento biodigester is the machine used for this purpose and its purpose is to get the leftover food digested to produce fuel for energy. The food digester idea came as outcome of the agreement between the Energy Commission, Davis and University of California. This public-private partnership is making life better for the Sacramento populace.

As a result of this development, landfills are being spared the burden of leftover foods, since they are being converted to fuel. The fuel can be used in powering fleet of vehicles, waste disposal trucks and school buses. The report was made public by the California Energy Commission.


Since the biodigester has become a popular phenomenon in Sacramento, the environment has been saved from huge amount of wasted food. Estimate by the Energy Vision has it that up to 40,000 tons of food waste has already been converted to fuel; which means landfills are saved the un-sightful appearance of these leftover foods.

Of the total amount of items dropped at landfills, 30% of them are derived from organic wastes. This is according to one of the many companies involved in opening Biodigester, named CleanWorld. They see the establishment of the biodigester as an unprecedented achievement

Tim Taylor, the Metropolitan Air Quality Management of the Sacramento District told Yale Climate Connection that the effort is all about turning waste stream to regional resources. In his words: “Farm to Fork to Fuel to Farm is an effort to turn what would otherwise be a waste stream – which is food waste – into a regional resource”.

Truth is there is no better way to promote a green earth than this. It will not be a bad idea if others can join in.