Solar Energy Create Glowing Bike Path

The world is realizing the importance of sunlight in power generation and this realization is getting exploited more and more these days. Many countries of the world are now opting for solar power generation for powering virtually every electrical appliance.

In Poland for example, power of the sun is being taped to generate power for the bike path. The bike part is short anyway, but it is powered by solar power and makes bikers able to ride in its glow during the night.


How does it all work? Panels fitted under the bike path are able to absorb solar energy during the day. The solar energy is then dissipated in form of blue glow during the night. Aside brightening path of the bikers, the glowing bike path also beautifies the terrain.  The bike path was opened on 23rd of September. Location is Lidzbark Warminski, a rural town in Poland.


The glowing bike path leads to Weilochowskie Lake and adds to the already impressive collection of recreations along this path. The technology used in building this special path was put together by TPA sp z.o.o, a European engineering company. They used luminophores on the path. The luminophore is responsible for absorbing sunlight during the day and it emits same during the night.


Luminophores end up creating electric blue hue that sets the path apart, making it visible and attractive from paths off. Once the luminophores absorb sunlight, the absorbed light can be emitted all through the night. In actual fact, the emission can last for up to 10 hours.


The innovation is actually one of the most recent in the world. Aside making Poland even more beautiful, the innovation is also attractive. Many more tourists are finding their ways to the beautiful scene to find out how it is done. Some even intentionally stay till night to watch how the luminophores glow.