Solar Panel Expands Exceedingly

Solar panel popularity is surging by the day. This fact was made public during the Solar Power International inference that was held in Las Vegas. The program is an annual event. The market is getting bigger by the day and it is a question of time before it becomes the main source of energy generation.

The proliferation in solar panels in recent times only show that the world has discovered the cost effectiveness of sunlight in comparison with fuel for energy generation; not even natural gas an measure up to sunlight in overall effectiveness and affordability.


Up to 2,051 megawatts of electricity has been generated from solar energy. This is aside the 1,986 megawatts that was accumulated between January and March. You may not believe it anyway, but the target of solar power generation is far from being reached, as it is still far away from what is on the menu for this year 2016. By the end of this year, the target is expected to have been reached.

By the end of this year, there is plan to have generated up to 13.9GW of power from solar energy. In 2015, up to 7.3 GW of electricity was generated from solar energy. The plan for 2016 on the other hand will give up to 90% increase in power generation. Efforts are being made to ensure this fest is accomplished as planned.

The industry data of performance was compiled by GTM and they did this in conjunction with SFIA. According to Cory Honeyman of GTM, the whole prospect is eye-popping and the figure is unprecedented. He sees this as the beginning of unprecedented growth within the utility PV segment especially.

In his words, “There’s no question. It’s an eye-popping figure. We’re seeing the beginning of an unprecedented wave of growth that will occur throughout the remainder of 2016, specifically within the utility PV segment.”

The wave does not look like it would abate in 2016; there are indications that the power sector would get further jolted in 2017 and beyond as many more solar projects are slated for those years.