Special App Makes Braille Easier For Visually-Challenged

It is sad to realize that only about 10% of individuals with visual challenges under 18 years of age can read Braille. This sad and unfortunate situation has forced a team of teens to develop an app that will help change the story for the better. The app actually took some time to produce and it had to go through various stages of testing to find out if it could help the visually-challenged individuals in the society. With the help of this app, it is certain the number of visually-challenged individuals able to read Braille will increase impressively.


The app is a little bit complex in its design, but it is simplified for the visually-challenged individuals to be able to understand its use.  It is designed in such a way that it will pronounce letters and words out very loud to the visually challenged. Additionally, the app will use simulator to construct the particular letter or word it pronounced.  This way, the visually-challenged person will never get it wrong when it comes to Braille reading. With the help of the app, it will be very easy for the visually-challenged to feel how the particular sound is being spelt out on the gadget. This will undoubtedly quicken the rate of learning of these visually challenged individuals.

The group of teens that developed this app is located at Aurora in Ontario. They have been awarded a total sum of $10,000 as a global initiative award. Purpose of the award is to enable them produce more of the app so as to make it available to visually-challenged individuals in the society and reach out to all countries of the world.  While the teenagers continue with producing more units of the app, they will be given mentorship from the Digital Media Zone , which is an outstanding business incubator operating at Ryerson University.