Very First Off-Grid Home Is Now For Sale

Nice Architecture has taken technology to the very next level. They have come up with an idea that can give individuals complete freedom and independence from the main grid. If you have been dreaming of having a home that runs perfectly without dependence on the grid, then you may want to hear of what Nice Architects have to offer.


What exactly are they offering this time? It is called Ecocapsule. What is Ecocapsule? It is an egg-shaped portable home that has its own private power supply and enables you to live completely off-the-grid.  The home is powered by a minimized form of solar panel and wind-powered energy source. With this new development, never again will you have to worry about how to get power supply. Never again will you have to worry about paying through the nose for energy.



If you have been looking for energy solution in your home, it is high time you considered this one as it is going to meet your need perfectly.


Virtually everything you may need in a home is included in the Ecocapsule.  The home is built to run efficiently.  The design is beautiful and compact too.  The amenities are put together to make it a luxurious abode that you will enjoy. Yes, it will give good value for money.


Double bed is included in the home too. There is a kitchenette too as well as storage space.  It is equally included with a bathroom with shower.  There is a toilet include in it that collects bio waste. It is undoubtedly the perfect home for anyone seeking for privacy. In addition, this home can serve as electric car charging station. Each Ecocapsule costs about $86,000 and is shipped in a standard, 40” cargo container.

The pods will be ready in early 2017. Visit the company’s website to learn more.