Wind-Powered Device Solves Water Scarcity Problem

The search for clean water can be excruciating, especially in those parts of the globe where people do not have easy access to clean drinking water. In most of these places, women and children have to search endlessly for drinking water to supply the water needs of their family. Unfortunately, many of them are never able to get water good enough for drinking; they end up collecting polluted water, which can only make them sick if they ever attempt to drink such water. Up to 2.2 billion people globally are suffering this fate.


However, a solution seems to be in sight. VICI-Labs have has come up with an innovative idea on how to solve the water problems faced by many globally. The said innovative idea has to do with the development of what is called the Water Seer. It is hoped that this innovative idea will help put an end to the incessant search for water by these hapless communities around the world.


Water Seer was developed in partnership with the National Peace Corps Association and UC Berkeley. This new device makes use of condensation principle. It attracts the water in the air and get such water condensed for people to drink. The device has been taken through various phases of development and it is now in its final design phase.


The device is sunk as deep as 6 feet beneath the earth surface with its upper party jutting out on the ground. The surrounding soil cools the metal sides of the device. Wind turbine is installed on its end jutting out of the earth. The turbine spins the blade in the device and this pushes air into the condensation chamber in the device.

A pump is used to collect the water in the device. Water Seer is able to work for the 24 hours of the day providing clean drinking water. It does its work even when there is no wind.