World Largest 3D Printer Makes Low Cost Home

Everywhere you go; builders are searching for housing solution. They are looking for ways to construct easy to build, environmentally friendly and low cost houses to meet with the growing needs of people for housing across the globe.

Until now, this idea seemed impossible. However, the entrance of the world largest 3D printer into the scene has changed the story and turned the table. With this printer, virtually anything is possible. The said printer is called the WASP. This is acronym for World Advanced Saving Project. The WASP is able to carry out 3D printing of full-sized homes using ordinary mud and clay. This makes it a better choice in place of the use of materials like concrete and other high-carbon footprints materials.


The machine is 40 feet tall. As at news time, it is close to completion of its very fist building constructed out of mud and clay. The machine has spent a total of $53 pounds till date on this almost-completed building project.

The machine was constructed by Massimo Moretti. He is an Italian innovator and he made use of the BigDelta printer idea to construct the WASP. Purpose of the project is to meet with the housing needs of people residing in areas that are poverty-stricken.

Biomimicry is used in the construction of the mud houses. This drew inspiration from natural solutions. There is a close semblance between the mud building and the homes of the mud dauber wasp. The machine makes use of clay and mud. You may not believe it, no additive of any form is added to complete the project and it was built in 3D.

Morreti said “The period of transformation from liquid to solid allows printing around 60 centimeter per day, or even more in summer”. This is an indication of how highly effective the machine is. It equally indicates that it may be the long awaited solution to global problem of homelessness. This is more so, considering the low cost and quick turnaround time of the machine.

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