Baltimore School Opt for Meditation in Place of Detention

A Baltimore Elementary school has decided to scrap the idea of detention and have decided to replace it with meditation.  This has made Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore to look like the best school around.

In place of detention, the school now put together a Mindful Moment Room. The room is designed to encourage the students to meditate towards living a better life. The room is brightly colored and it is more or less an “oasis of calm”. The room is undoubtedly a direct opposite of what the conventional windowless detention room looks like. The detention room is specially designed to punish unruly kids.


The Mindful Moment Room is part of a program organized by the school referred to as Holistic Me. The Holistic Me initiative is designed to teach the children how to practice breathing exercise and mindful meditation. The children are equally encouraged to communicate with a behavioral professional in the course of the mindful meditation.


Holistic Life Foundation is the local non-profit organization partnering with the Elementary school to put together this life-changing program.  If the truth must be told, impressive results have been obtained out of the program.



According to the school authority, none of the pupils have ever been suspended for any unruly behavior since the mindful meditation program started. The program actually started some 2 years ago.  This replacement is expected to touch the lives of the children positively and steer them away from unruly behaviors. Consequently, they are expected to grow into dependable and well groomed adults.


With the success of this mindful meditation program at Robert W. Coleman School, it will be a good idea if other schools copy the program. This may be the solution desired by the country towards ending youth unrest and violence. This program seems to have the answer to building a nation everyone will be proud of.