Bhutan, the Tiny Country with ZERO Carbon Pollution

Bhutan may be a tiny country and it may also be an undeveloped country, but it has done something that has placed it far above other so-called develop countries: the country had been keeping to its promise of remaining carbon-free.  The country is very small and it is located between India and China, which are two world powers in the Himalayas.  The citizenry is having nice time thanks to its nicely clean air. If you are looking for clean country, then Bhutan is the country to consider.

The country had been growing culturally and economically. Despite its economic development, it had been able to keep the dirty carbon off its atmosphere. Since inception, this country had been ruled by monarchs, who are enlightened enough to understand how to ensure national and economic development without polluting the air with dirty carbon.  And they have been succeeding in what they are doing too till date. They have been able to preserve the environment perfectly over the centuries of their existence. Their effort to keep the carbon away had however not affected social development in the country. They have developed a holistic approach that marries successfully social development, environmental sustainability, cultural preservation and economic growth.

As far as the authority of the country is concerned, the Gross National Health is far more important than the Gross National Product. The country is more concerned about the happiness and wellbeing of its citizens than anything else. They have far less than a GDP of 2 billion dollars in this country. In actual sense, this country had not found it easy to manage such a tiny economic growth, but it is more concerned with ensuring the health of its citizens than making money off risky way of life. The country may not be economically buoyant, but it provides both free health and free education to its citizens.