Physical Disability is Never a Barrier to Achievements

Impossibility is just a matter of the mind. Truth of the matter is “you can if you think you can”. Impossibility exists in just two places: the English dictionary and the human mind. The one in the dictionary is of no importance once you can eradicate the one in your mind.

For want of proof, you may want to watch the previous editions of Paralympics events and you will be surprised beyond imagination what the participants were able to achieve using despite their disabilities. You will be surprised to see the so-called disabled men and women perform tasks the so called normal human beings could not perform.

Physical disability has no link with mental disability. One can still be sound mentally even if he/she is not sound physically. One can still attain any goal in life irrespective of physical challenges. The only person that can stop you is just you.

Physically-challenged people are not making waves just in sports; they are also making waves in various aspects of life, like in academics and innumerable other fields. They have won accolades for themselves in the music industry too.

Do not be surprise if you see a man with stumps for arms playing musical instruments in the most sonorous manner you have ever encountered in your sweet life. Do not be surprised to see a man with no arms using his feet to hold drums sticks and playing drums in the most interesting and musical manner.

There are several physically-challenged that can play trumpets and sing and dance far better than the so-called normal people. You may think this is impossibility, but wait till you see one or wait till the next Paralympics events and you will be transformed to a believer.

Conclusion of this is that there is nothing you cannot do. Provided you set your mind to it, you can get it done. Success and failure, ability and disability are all in the mind.