Romanian City Gives Free Bus Rides To Passengers If They Read Books Inside

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Commuters can “travel by book” if they make education a priority while transiting.
Between June 4th and 7th this year, travelers in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania had the opportunity to transit the city for free if they read a book inside.

The progressive accomplishment was made possible by the efforts of activist Victor Miron. To encourage more people to read on public transportation, Miron proposed to the city’s mayor, Emil Boc, that the city not charge passengers fare when they read books on the bus.

Credit: Victor Miron / Bored Panda

The mayor sought the opinion of the public by sharing the idea on Facebook, and the response was incredibly positive.

It took a year to make the proposal a reality, but through June 4-7, 2015, everyone who “travelled by book” in Cluj-Napoca rode free of charge.

Credit: Victor Miron / Bored Panda

“I believe that it’s better to promote reading by rewarding those who read, instead of criticizing the ones who don’t,” said Miron.

Credit: Victor Miron / Bored Panda

The activist has created other campaigns in collaboration with his friends, as well. On example is a project called Bookface, which inspires people to have a book in their Facebook profile picture so they can receive discounts on items and at different locations.

He and his friends are inspired to promote literacy and education. As Miron shared with BoredPanda, another action they carry out is on April 23 – otherwise known as ‘World Book Day’. On this day, individuals who have a book on them can visit the local Botanical Garden for free.

Credit: Victor Miron / Bored Panda

This activism is an inspiring example of how modern living can be merged with cultural support for literacy and improved education.

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