Archaeological Finds Which Were Not In Your History Books

  1. The unfinished obelisk: It was recently found in a city of Egypt named Aswan. It was around 15000 BC when it was ordered by pharaoh Hatshepsut but it remained unfinished.  desktop-1424884546
  2. The Yonaguni monument: A recently discovered underwater monument near japan has been the reason behind so many arguments among experts on whether it was formed naturally or is it man made. There are a few features of it which make it look like It has been made by man whereas a few other features reflect that it was formed naturally.
  3. Costa Rica’s stone spheres: There have been several legends about those perfectly sphere stones of Costa Rica. Experts believe that they probably were made in Atlantis or they were made around 1530 AD by Diquis people.desktop-1424887035
  4. Zhejian Tunnels: These are the tunnels which are found in Zhejian, China. These are said to date from as back as 212 BCE. They are covered in precise markings of 60 degrees which is quite astonishing as there were no tools to measure angles perfectly back then.desktop-1424882763
  5. Göbekli tepe: A very important found in the archaeological world because this is the finding which made archaeologists wonder that whether it was the primate’s religion which brought people together or was it commerce.desktop-1424882232
  6. Mohenjo -Daro: A very interesting city which is now in Pakistan, was built in 2600 BC. It shows that even back in such old times there were properly planned cities with sewer systems.desktop-1424883728
  7. Saksaywaman : It is a fortress established outside Peru. Rocks are so tightly places together that you can’t even pass a paper through it.desktop-1424881739
  8. L’anse aux: Those are meadows in the north America and it is said that those meadows were built by people that we now know as the Vikings. desktop-1424886827



  • Bethany Lovett

    I like this Article but i have to say the grammar in it is atrocious.

    • Please point out all the mistakes.

    • Anonymous

      You know who else has atrocious Grammar? Yourself… Let me go ahead and correct your Grammar. *I like this Article but, I have to say that the Grammar is atrocious.*

      • Anonymous

        , but not but, learn basic grammar before correcting others

        • Terence

          See, they/he has assumed they know better. So many souls require someone to feel better than.

      • “Anonymous,” I understand that you were probably having a bad week, and that by the time you got around to reading Bethany’s comment your perineum was probably chafed to the point of haemorrhaging, and that because of that your tolerance for any kind of slight incorrectness (or disparity between your opinion and the opinion of others) was at an all-time low, but surely you understand now that your comment was entirely unnecessary, not to mention ironic to the extreme? See, your correction of Bethany’s comment actually made it worse than before. What you both should have said was, “I like this article, but I have to say that the grammar in it is atrocious.”
        There was no need to capitalise anything but the first letter of the sentence and the second “I,” and the comma always goes before the conjunction, not after. There are cases where a comma is not necessary, like when the first part of the sentence is an independent clause and the second part (joined to the first with a conjunction) is a dependent clause. That was not the case with Bethany’s comment, and so the fact that a comma was missing was the only part you were right about.

        Was Bethany right about the grammar in this article? Yes, quite. Were you right about her grammar? Well, not really. Her writing was still easy to understand, whereas the writing in the article really was rather confusing at times. In other words, you wasted your time.

        This incident calls to mind a great quote. It goes something like, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
        Be sure to think of those wise words the next time you want to disparage someone whom you don’t even know.

        Enjoy your day 🙂

        • Bryan Gilbreath

          I think all of you should have said, “I like this article but, I have to say that, the grammar in it is atrocious.” 🙂

          • cmmnsns


          • Bryan Gilbreath

            Yes. Check and mate.

          • cmmnsns

            Sorry, but a comma always comes before the conjunction. (See what I did there?) Go read a book.

          • Bryan Gilbreath

            Hmmm…well. I believed that, if a portion of a sentence was unnecessary, as in, the sentence could stand on it’s own without it and convey the same message, you could essentially remove that portion by flanking it with commas. I think the commas are used to provide pause or cadence. But, I see your point, it is a ‘rule’. (See what I did there?) Go slop a hog. 🙂

        • Cory Carlson

          Actually, “that” should be left out of the sentence.

          • Terence

            Optional. A matter of preference. ACTUALLY.

        • Terence

          Verbose, much?

      • squatty

        Ha! The comma is in the wrong place… You failed as well!!!

      • Gordon Walker

        Joshua made the proper corrections to your corrections; I would add that the person who wrote the article is probably writing in his/her second or third language–the mistakes in the article are more common to nonnative speakers, whereas your mistakes are more common with native speakers who haven’t taken the time or effort to truly learn punctuation and grammar. By the way, you should not have used the ellipsis as you did–it is meant to show that material has been omitted within a quotation.

        Side note to Joshua, I very much like what you said and how you said it. One minor suggestion is to use quotation as the noun form rather than quote, though I believe quote is now fairly commonly accepted as a noun, too.

    • Terence

      It’s the spelling of simple words that is often incorrect…

  • Izzy Ellis

    Hatshepsut was the Pharaoh, not a place name, and the obelisk was never finished because it was cracked and unusable.

  • Jerry Hudson

    I figured English wasn’t the authors main language…one should have someone else proof read just to make sure mistakes are fixed. I did like the article though interesting stuff.

  • Richard Hanzon

    i like this article but I think ya’ll acting like ya’ll are. makes me think of of them thee quotes myself. Do you know the difference between dumb and stupid?? well stupid can be fixed. So why don’t ya’ll dumb azzes take your grammar lessons someplace private. Someone put some time and effort into this artical and ya’ll want to sit here and critique him/her like you was asked to, when you wasn’t

    • Russ Warren

      That’s the first time I’ve heard someone say, “stupid can be fixed.”

  • Erwan Restostjean

    nice , but not new info!!!
    sorry for this steril debat about grammar !! so pueril (i m french my english grammar is shit , but if u understand me it’s still a language ,and his meaning is to be understand , no ?

  • Arnt Johnsen

    Interesting article! To complain about someone’s grammar in an article in the current situation is both frivolous and immature, you can still understand what is meant, and if you’re not some kind of highly skilled graduates so just knock it off, it’s so ridiculous as it may be when the grammar are more important than the history itself. People, get a grip or just stop reading…

    • Megan Deanna Daughaday

      You’re part of the problem when you do not feel that information should be portrayed accurately. Ignorance begets ignorance.

  • Dominic1030

    This is just like the YouTube comment section XD

  • TJB

    I think it was all the work of aliens ….

  • Luc April

    No 8 correct name is L’Anse aux Meadows and yes, it was in our history books back in the 90’s

  • HRSoprano

    “Experts believe that they probably were made in Atlantis” trololololol

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  • Stinkybagstinksbad

    Nun of u faggits have you’re grammer game on point, like me.:

  • Blade Frank

    Haha, you lost me at “experts believe they were probably made in Atlantis…” Neat article though.

  • dudhereismycar

    if the vikings travels to America was not in Your history books you should burn those books….

  • jan

    I so wish that the effort to correct peoples language was vested in loving and positive comments and ideas….just saying.

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