Defeat Bullying Positively

In the U.S. about thirty percent of teenagers have been subjected to bullying. There are four types of bullying: physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber.

Below is the story of Josh. After being bullied, Josh decided to make a change that ultimately had a dramatic impact on his life and on the lives of his fellow students.


  • Christopher Piedad

    if ever you have a bullies , Just put a bullet in her Head !

    • Chris Shreeve


    • JEFF Fafa


  • arab

    want to know why dont arabs dont get bullied ? because every young goes to a martial arts school at least for 1year so he learn how to fight and earn respect but u americans are naturally pussies and afraid of black people

    • A****

      Its called white guilt friend

    • crakkakilla

      lol if you think fighting will earn you any kind of respect

    • foobgoof

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    • betterthanu

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    • Kelly Randall Torgerson

      Correction on your horribly written comment (bad spelling, grammar, etc)…..Arabs are the natural pussies, not the Americans. 1 year of martial arts will not do much for anyone. What does a year get you, orange maybe purple belt? Whoopty doo….i’m sure every American is shitting their pants right now to finding out that all Arabs have a purple belt. I guess you can attach many explosives to a purple belt, that should give it a little bang. And if your little year of martial arts reference for all Arabs is taught from “The school of Jihad” then that’s even more cowardly than ever imaginable. Nothing is worse than teaching a bunch of children how to hide behind ak-47’s like a bunch of cowards instead of real fighting. Anyone can shoot an AK, but not just anyone can truly fight. Real Fighting takes skill and practice, much more than what a year in The School of Jihad or whatever martial arts program all Arabs are enrolled into can do. I guarantee that in a fair fight between Arabs and Americans, the Americans would crush the Arabs by a longshot. But the Arabs will never fight fair, because they are pussies and cowards.

      So you’re saying Americans are afraid of black people? You do realize that there are black Americans right? We all stand as one in America, nobody is afraid of anybody because of skin color. Skin color has nothing to do with anything in America because we don’t pass judgement on race. From your statement, It’s apparent that Arabs are racist and show extreme prejudice towards skin colors/other ethnicities which tells us that you are the one afraid. Your entire post just summarized how Arabs are scared, pussy-cowards who have nothing else better to do than try to make everyone else as miserable as you are. Very selfish of you but nice try. Will give you an E for Effort.

      • Vegard Bratteng

        And I give you an A for Asshole. Congratulation on writing one of the most narrow-minded comments I’ve read. “Arab” lies. All arabs do not have a manditory 1-year martial arts class. Saying “All arabs” anything is a waste of time. The same with “all americans”.

        The fact that an industrialized, “free country” is so involved in the middle-east as the US is astonishes me still. USA is a country of terrorists. Look ut the Vietnam war. The way you treated f.ex Iraqi’s is one of the reasons we now have ISIS. Get yourself a passport, Kelly. Ask foreigners what they actually think of America.

        Looking at the arrogance in your post, the real answer will probably shock you.

      • Top bunk.

        “We don’t pass judgement on race.”? Which side of the bed did you wake up on when you wrote that? Racism is ubiquitous in America and will always be. With racism comes judgment. And your post was retarded by the way. Speak on behalf of yourself, not all Americans. You type like you’re still in grade school.

  • Sylvain M Nicolas

    Hey josh, do you man! Don’t let anyone tell you differently, don’t let any one out there let you down, they say, the different are the ones who make the most change, so man, be josh, be yourself, don’t be that other person across the room. Cause that person is a prick, and he’s jealous of what you do man. Proud of you, really proud man. #stayhumble

  • GXP

    Title is misleading on this page. The youtube title “Opening Doors and Hearts” makes more sense. He didn’t defeat bullies since he changed schools so he can start fresh. He made a change in his life for the better. Good story that changing himself, change other students in the school.

    • Alenor

      I’d say in a way he defeated bullying, because if you had listened better, they called him the “Doorman” and said “we all thought he was weird” and they all talked about it, but over time he changed people by showing kindness instead of aggression towards others. That was his own way of defeating bullying where he was at.

      As for the changing school stuff, he had issues in the town his father lived in, and he had depression and sadness because of it, so they moved, but bullying can be anywhere. just like in the starting paragraph. There are different kinds of bullying, and not all of them are said to someones face.

  • kuldi

    Josh for president!

  • david

    well done mate if I see you coming the door will be opened for you