Grandson’s Creatively Delicious Plan Reconnects Family with Grandma after Hurricane

Aftermath of hurricane Matthew almost broke family apart, if not for the ingenious way his grandson invented to savage the situation. After the hurricane, the 87-year-old grandma Claire Olsen, who resides in Palm Coast, Florida, could not communicate with anyone because her phone lost power. This got her family members worried about her safety, since no one could reach her.


Her grandson, Eric, however came up with an idea that could help family members link up with Claire once again. He decided to order pizza and get it sent to her grandma. In his words, “….I was calling the police department, I was calling the Sherriff’s department, and no one was answering, so I was really worried”

Eric told ABC news that he spoke with her grandma on Friday Night and that he could not speak with her after then till his pizza-ordering plan worked out. He said it was a nightmare for all family members not being able to hear from Claire.


This trick worked just as planned. Eric’s plan was to at least get someone to go and visit her grandmother with the hope that family members would be able to know her state of health and how she had been fairing after the hurricane.

And just as planned, his strategy worked expressly. After ordering the pizza, he directed the delivery to Claire Olsen’s home in Palm Coast. He put his phone numbers in the section for “Special instructions”. He then told the delivery man to give him a call immediately Claire answered the door.


This was exactly what the delivery man from Papa John’s Pizza did. He gave Eric a call the moment the bewildered grandma answered the door. Name of the delivery man was Lance Tyler. Eric was therefore able to speak with his grandma. He told him he had not heard from her for two days, which got him worried. He also told his grandma that he thought she would be hungry, hence his decision to order pizza for her.

Family members were completely relieve when they heard that Claire Olson was in perfect state of health.