What Happens When A Group Puts 40 Dollars On A Board In An L.A. Train Station?

Recently, a group in L.A. did something very unique at a train station. They put 40 Dollars on a board in that train station and put a very simple message on that board. It said “Give What You Can.. Take What You Need”.

The people who needed money took money.

According to this projects’ creator Tyler Bridges the idea of doing something like this at a train station came out of a discussion with a couple of friends about how people are generous towards others. That board was a success, people loved the idea and a lot of them even took snaps of the board and shared it on the social networks. The board was divided into two parts, one said “Give What You Can” and the other one “Take What You Need”. A lot of people who needed the money, took the money. And a lot of people who had money to give, gave the money. They simply stuck the money on the board. The very last dollar note on the board lasted for nearly 20 minutes before they took down the board.

The people who had money to give gave it.


It was noted that most of the people gave the money, but they gave it in smaller amounts. While a fewer people took the money but they took in larger amounts. Every one of us goes through good days and bad days. Sometimes people get in situations where they need a helping hand. And there are times when people can be that helping hand. There is no shame in asking for help and to help others in time of need, is one of the best deeds people can do. Their motto was Share The Love..Love L.A. It was a very simple idea, it didn’t take much effort or anything. They just put a board up there and some money and it gave a great output.

And the last dollar stayed up on the board for 20 minutes.


You can watch the video here: