Iranian Women Protest Against Compulsory Hijab Laws On The Social Media

A very well-known journalist and writer Masih Alinejad in Iran is not only famous for her writing but is also followed by the people she writes about. Alinejad is very popular for her unashamed and straight forward protest style of journalism. However, she was forced into deportation in 2009 because of her this style of journalism and critical stance in a lot of political and social issues within the country.


Alinejad has now continued to criticize and bring the injustices of the Iranian dictatorship in the spotlight with the help of uncensored safety in the United Kingdom. She has been exposing a number of Iran’s social issues to an international audience now that is rapidly increasing every day. Alinejad came up with her own platform in 2014 through social media that allowed the Iranian women to protest against the strict compulsory hijab laws in their country and named this campaign as My Stealthy Freedom. Women were required to post pictures of themselves without wearing any of their headscarves in public areas to protest against these strict hijab laws.



Alinejad has restated that she only makes these protests possible and facilitates them but she does not represent the Iranian women. She uses the social networking website Facebook for her My Stealthy Freedom campaign. She was reported saying that she now has around 700,000 followers and she has launched a new website as well.


The campaign My Stealthy Freedom has not only provided an opportunity for a peaceful protest, but it also has shown the world an image of true feelings of many women in Iran. This protest against the obligatory hijab laws is not against the Hijab itself, it is only against the strict obligation to wear it.

Some of the posts by women in the My Stealthy Freedom protest.


It’s Sad That My Pretty Black Hair’s Going Grey And It Hasn’t Seen The Wind, Sun, Or Rain Yet

Hoping For The Ultimate Freedom Of Iranian Women

It’s An Amazing Feeling When Wind Tangles Your Hair Under The Blue Sky

Enjoying The Wind Passing Through Our Hair. Something That’s So Obviously A Man’s Right Is Considered An Illegal Offensive Act For Me And My Sister

Let It Go

Freedom And Relief On The Altitudes Of 2700 Meters Above Sea Level

I Like Myself And I Will Fight For A Free Life That Is Rightfully Mine

Let’s Remove The Veil

Being Yourself Gives Such Wonderful Pleasure

I Hate All The Fake Hijabs, All The Meaningless Believes Cruelly Forced

My Heaven Is Somewhere That I Can Be Free, Where Others Respect My Choice

More info:  My Stealthy Freedom Facebook Page


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