Mind blowing NASA picture

NASA has released the largest picture ever taken of the Andromeda galaxy, our closest galactic neighbour, captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. -On January 5th.

This is 1.5 billion pixel image (69, 536 x 22, 230) and requires about 4.3 GB disk space. They took 411 images and put them together.


  • Leo

    NASA, if you can take such a beautiful high resolution picture of Andromeda with such detail, why cant we get an updated clear picture of CERES?

    • Salmon Grundy

      That’s what i’m screamin!

    • APX

      There will be updated images of Ceres after Dawn reaches Ceres around March..Patience man..Patience.

      • Leo

        I guess you don’t get it do you? Just point the high res, extremely advanced technology we have over towards Ceres and take some snap shots. Why do we have to wait for a probe to go over there? Why is the latest picture we have from 2004? We haven’t been able to take an updated picture since 2004, with updated technology? Ceres was named after the goddess of what again?

  • Pascal Uhlig

    where i can download it ;D ?

  • Cosmic Tino
  • Fofa Fifa

    los pollitos dicen pio cuando tienen hambre cuando tienen frio