Mum Designed Shopping Cart for People with Special Needs

Caroline Cart is making waves in supermarkets already. It is a very special kind of supermarket cart that is designed for individuals with special needs. The cart got its name from the daughter of the inventor. She is Drew Ann Long. Many more supermarkets are adopting the use of this particular type of cart.



Daughter of the inventor of this cart, Caroline, had Rett Syndrome right from birth. The mom had struggled to look for a way to carry her daughter along as she goes about her daily activities. She needed to work and shop and do other things while also looking after her daughter. She shared on her Facebook page saying “The options left to me are to leave her in the car with it running or she has to stay at home. Neither were good options”. This is exactly the factor that led to the invention of this special cart.




This health condition being experienced by Caroline hampered her ability to talk or walk. Caroline is 15 years old now and it becomes difficult for her to fit perfectly inside child seats that are built into the conventional type of shopping cart. Long now decided to design something that will meet with the need of her daughter and this brought up the idea of Caroline’s Cart.



Long worked for several months on her new idea. She went through a series of trial and errors before arriving at this final design. She had to work far into the night on several occasions. She failed many times too while on this task. Finally, she came up with the winning design. She built a large plastic seat into a shopping cart the plastic seat was set into the base to enable children who would have need for scooter or wheelchair to fit perfectly into the cart.


Long did not work alone always; she received help from Technibilt. She was therefore able to make a seat that could accommodate maximum of 250 pounds of weight.