The Next 209 Seconds Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

Get ready to feel unimportant. The next 209 Seconds Will Make You Question Your Entire Life & Existence! Incredible video shows our home from an unexpected point of view. Watch it and share what you think in comments below!

  • TheNipplesofGod

    Man my penis is really small.

  • Dan Lopez

    This is meant to make me question my existence? Why? Because I thought I was the biggest thing in the universe?

  • Snow girl


    Only a tiny man are
    you, in a forest of tiny trees –

    Or a man on a tiny
    mountain top, enclosed by tiny seas.

    And nobody out in the
    hemisphere, if anyone lives so far,

    Would turn a hair, or
    trouble to stare if your miniature earth, so full of care

    Turned into a flaming

    Only a tiny man you
    are – in a tiny city dwell,

    With millions of
    other tiny men, trapped in a tiny hell.

    But those who dwell,
    if dwell they do, in worlds beyond the sun

    Will shed no tear, if
    a flash and a smear, tell all who watch in the hemisphere

    Your tiny race is

    Only a tiny man you
    are, you and your tiny wife,

    In your tiny house in
    a tiny town, living your tiny life.

    And none who live in
    the larger lands, behind the Milky Way,

    Will feel a pang, or
    care a hang, or turn a head at the tiny bang

    That ends your tiny

    • toodorky

      Dang, Snow Girl

      That was neat

  • Hermev

    Debemos cuidar nuestra pequeñita casa…….es la única que tendremos en muchos siglos ……

  • Eric Wilson

    If you ever feel sad, just remember that you are NOTHING compared to the rest of the fucking entirety of everything (known to man that is), you are a mere shit stain in existence. GREAT!

  • Jack

    Elon Musk is bigger than all that.

  • Eduardo

    the last 209 seconds i’ve asked myself, why the hell(o) i have click on this link..?

  • toodorky

    Humble pie time