Using Renaissance Techniques, Artist Spends Hundreds of Hours Making Hyper-Realistic Portraits

Emanuele Dascanio is an Italian artist with a difference. He likes putting full details into all paintings he handles to the extent that such paintings take on lives of their own. Consequently, he is able to create images that look exactly like real photographs.

He doesn’t mind spending very long time on his paintings; there are some paintings on which he had invested up to 800 hours. Anyone looking at the picture would agree it is exquisite and impressive.


Drawings and paintings from Emanuele Dascanio have their backgrounds in techniques and aesthetics used during the renaissance during which single source of light is used and the materials he uses are similar to those used in those long gone days.



He got his expertise in painting from Gianlucs Corona, who is another great Italian painter with a flair like none other. The experience he got from the great painter is however mixed with his own touch to further set him apart from the others. In short, his paintings depict a mix of both contemporary and ancient expertise. As a result, his paintings are always breathtaking.




He is undoubtedly among the best painters across Italy. In actual fact, he would be among the best on global scale. One of the factors that set his works of art apart is the fact that he painstakingly creates every drawing. He takes his time to lay our each line and take so much pain in sketching every minute detail.




One of the qualities of a good painter is possession of attention to details. This is exactly what Emanuele Dascanio possesses; he takes note of every detail in the painting, making it look so real and alive.




Very few painters have the same measure of skills already seen in Emanuele Dascanio. His paintings are worth more than fortune and they are sure going to beautify your home and anywhere you hang them.