First Food Waste Supermarket Opens in the UK

The United Kingdom is joining League of Nations that are guarding against food wastage. This was underscored by the establishment of the very first food waste supermarket in the United Kingdom. The foods being sold here are very cheap, cheaper than you will get elsewhere in the UK. In actual fact, the prices are left open for the buyers to determine. Yeah, you heard right; you will have to pay what you feel is the right price for the food you are buying.


This initiative has proved very helpful to desperate families in need of food to feed their children. The waste food supermarket is opened at Pudsey, close to Leeds. The supermarket was opened by food waste campaigners from Real Junk Food Project. The warehouse is opened on the Grangefield Industrial Estate.


In this supermarket, you can easily buy foods that have been thrown out by supermarkets and some other businesses.  Since such foods are not wanted anymore, buyers can get them at rock bottom prices and even be the ones to decide what they want to pay for the foods.

Many patrons have confessed how the waste supermarket has helped them feed themselves and their kids. Kirsty is one of such patrons. She was diagnosed recently of chronic pain condition and this had caused her husband to leave his work so as to take good care of her and also care for their three kids. Consequent of her husband becoming jobless, their family income was reduced to almost zero.

She told The Independent that the warehouse has become her family’s lifeline for several weeks now. In her words: “The warehouse has absolutely been our lifeline over the past month or so” Kirtsty and her husband have bought several foods from the warehouse, including salad, vegetable, fruit, desserts, pasta sauce, juice and fresh pasta. They have also been able to get baby milk or their 7-month-old baby from the food waste supermarket.