Meet Casein, the Ingestible Food Wrap

The U.S Department of Agriculture has developed new plan towards reducing garbage collections in response to the huge waste being generated globally, which is sadly on the increase as the years roll by.

The initiative by the US Department of Agriculture is focused on making a new product that incorporates water and milk protein into a very thin product referred to as “Casein”.  Casein is an eco-friendly packaging material and it will be used for every type of food that needs to be packaged. The best part of it is that he material can be consumed.

Serving fresh milk in a glass vase on a wooden table

Casein is made from completely natural product and has no dangerous chemical init whatsoever. Its digestion is therefore very safe. The environment can also break it down very easily and this has the benefit of reducing waste production globally.


Overproduction of milk can also be reduced with the help of Casein. This will further contribute to the alleviation of food waste dilemma being faced globally. Casein is an incomparable improvement on the ordinary type of plastic, which usually takes about 1000 years to decompose.

Plastic in the nature, waste disposal site with trees

Food oxygenation is slowed by Casein and this will help reduce the rate at which food go stale. Shelf-life of packaged foods will be increased a great deal by Casein.  Casein coating can be used as food spray for flakes or cereal aside being used as plastic wraps and pouches this will help to remove unhealthy sugar coating presently being used to keep cereal crunchy.

With the use of Casein, food packaging companies will have less need for hard-to-decompose plastics.  Casein can also be mixed with different types of flavors to make it fit with various tastes and food types. It is a versatile plastic wrap no doubt, but it is yet to be made commercially available. Its overall impact would be a better world with less wastage.