NDFL Star Dumps Football Field for Crop Field

Jason Brown has stunned the world with his decision to dump the football field for the crop field. Yes, he was making millions as a footballer and one of the most prominent players in the NFL, but he feels he needed better fulfillment than the one he got via football. He had decided to opt for farming and forfeit his football career.

He signed for the St Louis Rams in 2009 as the highest paid center in the whole of National Football League. This underscores his skill and fame as a footballer. No one would expect a sportsman of such caliber to throw away a startling career all for the purpose of farming.


He seems not to be so impressed with the fortune and fame obtainable as a footballer. He played football till he earned up to $25 million of his contract. Afterwards, he ditched the football field for the crop field. He went into farming and established a farm at Louisburg, North Carolina. He started living a life of service to this community as a farmer.

When he was a footballer, he knew next to nothing about framing. However, he schooled himself on how to farm and is now able to handle various farming activities expertly. He learnt all by himself how to till the ground, plant the crop and how to harvest. He has up to 1,000 acre of land on which he established his farm. He learnt virtually everything he presently knows about farming by watching YouTube videos.

Name of his farm is First Fruits Farm. He is not just like any other farmer in the sense that he gives a sizable quantity of his farm produce to the less privilege. How does he do this? He would donate the first fruits of all his harvests to various food pantries to feed the less fortunate.