People Bare Their Minds and Feelings Through Open Street Compliment Booth

If you have never had the opportunity to express your feelings and love to your friends and loved ones, then you have no idea what you are missing. You should always be on the look out to let your friend knows how much he/she means to you. Irony of the matter is that this may be your only chance to compliment him/her.

You will never regret doing this. It will strengthen the bond of friendship and will make your husband or wife love you more. If on the other hand you haven’t been saying those complimentary words to your parents or your kids, it is high time you jumped at the opportunity provided by Soul Pancake and get it over with. You are sure to love the idea.



In order to enable people tell people how special they are, Soul Pancake has set up a street booth giving friends, lovers, parents and kids to express how they feel to the other person. The result obtained had been amazing so far.

It gives participants the opportunity to bare their minds on how they feel about the other person. The participants are just passersby on their ways along the street. They were asked to enter the booth and give compliments to their friends, lovers, parents and kids, while they too receive compliments in return.

With the opportunity provided by Soul Pancake, participants were able to express their minds about one another. The result is something out of this world, since it enabled the listeners to get to know about the good things the other person thinks about them.

There is no better way to make your wife or husband love more than by complimenting him/her once in a while. There is no better way to make your friends appreciate you more than giving them compliments. Your parents would surely love you more if you spare them some compliments once in a while.