Seven Inspiring Ideas To Save The Planet

Purpose of establishing Young entrepreneurship award was to raise increased awareness among the youth from different nations across the globe. The award is focused on intimating these young people of their place of importance and their critical role in building the world. The award is open to young people across the globe and the winners are expected to have formulated programs or projects that would impact the lives of individuals in their local communities and the globe in general. The said projects must be operational and must have proof of being impactful before the individual can be considered worthy of the said award.


2015/2016 winners

Dr. Sara Saeed

She is 29 years old and she brought up the doctHERs initiative, which gives professional medical access to patients via a digital platform through which qualified female doctors of Pakistan origin attend to patients.

Dr. Gavin Armstrong

He is 29 years old. He made use of a buy-one, give-one model for distributing iron ingot cast made in the shape of fish in Cambodia. Instance of iron deficiency is reduced in individuals when they use the Lucky Iron Fish to cook. Read more about the project here.


Oscar Andres Mendez Gerardino

He is 32 years old. He came up with the Conceptos Plasticos, which involves recycling plastics and transforming them to construction materials in Colombia. The materials are then used in constructing low-cost, but high quality and safe housing.

Cynthia Ndubuisi

She is 25 years of age. She came up with the Kadosh Production Company initiative. The initiative is to help women involved in cassava farming to improve on their livelihoods and this is done by easing cassava processing and sales of the finished product in a profitable way. Her initiative impact lives of women in Nigeria.

Toby Norman, a 29-year-old with the Simprints initiative: A non-profit tech start-up that has developed a mobile biometric scanner with associated open-source software that can be used by global researchers, NGOs and governments to accurately link people to their digital records.

Liisa Petrykowska, a 31-year-old with the Ignitia initiative: A social enterprise that has developed the world’s first accurate tropical weather forecasting model. Based in West Africa, forecasts are sent to small-scale farmers via SMS.


Emily Stone, a 31-year-old with the Uncommon Cacao initiative which works directly with cacao farmers to deliver premium-quality and transparently sourced cacao to the speciality chocolate market.