10th Century Building Design for the Homeless Wins London Award

London is a big city to say the fact and its big size has also led to the housing problem that tends to prevail in virtually all big cities globally.  However, the city is already making effort to solve its own housing problems and one of the steps taken includes the construction of Holmes Road Studios. This is a very beautiful riff building built for the homeless. This building is already winning attracting and attention both in London and across the globe

Holmes Road Studios

The said building is so beautiful to the extent that it won the New London Award, an award given by New London Architects. The said home was designed by the Peter Barber Architects. One thing that makes the home unique is its design; it is designed based on 10th century design of what was called the almshouse.


The said house is able to provide accommodation for up to 59 individuals, who are homeless in the London Camedan borough area. The building is made up of training facilities, educational facilities, counselling space and housing units. All the buildings and facilities are constructed around a courtyard garden.

Holmes Road Homeless Hostel_Model of Scheme_PeterBarberArchitectsThe design and appearance of the home give it some incomparable measure of dignity and it is surely a delight to behold. The home is equally economical. This was according to the New London Architecture chairman, Peter Murray when he was baring his mind via a press release. He saw the new building as a celebration of the social purpose of great architecture.

In his words, “Peter Barber’s homes for the homeless have a dignity, delight and economy that celebrates the social purpose of great architecture”.


This microhouse is a true beauty to behold any day. It is made with double-height bricks and also has vaulted ceilings. It equally includes bathroom and a comfortable mezzanine represents the bed. Partially glazed door, skylight roof and circular windows provide the daylight needs of the room. Both crinkle crankle parapet and rustic looking bricks are used in the building.