Artists Transform Ashes to Beautiful Keepsakes for Departed Loved Ones

Artful Ashes has just devised an entirely new way to honor a departed loved one. If you would like to keep memories alive about any of your departed loved ones, then they are poised to help you out. This artistic outfit has brought the beauty of art into an entirely new dimension and it is already causing waves and gaining favors the world over.  Burying a departed loved one should not be the last you will do about them. Their pictures hanging dejectedly on the wall also should not be the only thing left about their memories; you can take things to the next level by simply implementing the new development brought up by Artful Ashes.

What exactly is this outlet doing? They have devised a way to incorporate ashes into art glass sculpture. The company is located in Seattle. They can sculpture the ashes of the departed loved one into an art glass in such a way to make them beautiful. You can choose the art piece you want them to incorporate the ashes into and you can also allow them to decide on which art glass sculpture they think is best. It can also be presented in form of a tattoo mixed with ink.

They do not need much quantity of ash for this purpose; with just a tablespoon of ash they can get the job done and transform the sculpture into something you can remember the departed loved one by. They only need one tablespoon of ash per sculpture.

The method implemented by Artful Ashes is both simple and impressive. Many families that have benefited from this exquisite creation birthed by Artful Ashes have shown their appreciation at this awe-inspiring, yet impressive artwork. The creations are highly presentable and you can place them in any corner of the home or at vantage positions in the home, where you can always gaze at them for a remembrance of the beloved departed one.