Floating Survival House For Natural Disasters

Gone are the days when you have to lose your lives and valuables to flood. These days, the Duckweed Survival House is ever ready to provide the required protection for lives and properties.

The survival house was designed by Yanko Designs and it is made especially for those that may face floods as well as rising sea levels. With the aid of the Survival House, the occupants can always stay upright and remain sealed all through rain and winds that can threaten their safety.


The safety house is designed in a similar fashion like life-raft. However, impressive improvements and modifications are included to make it look and function better than the conventional raft.

Underneath the safety house, there is a ball that helps keep it floating consistently. The ball also helps keep the safety house upright. It is designed to use reverse osmosis in taking in water and filtering it. Consequently, those who are on board can have access to fresh drinking water right on board.


The pump is equipped with bulb containing carbon dioxide. As a result, the survival house can inflate very fast. An air filter is equally installed on the top of the Duckweed Survival House; it enables easy entry of fresh air into it.

Stability and visibility can be improved a great deal by bringing a number of survival houses together in a cluster. They therefore function better when they are clustered together. In order to make them very easy to detect from distance and during the night, they are marked using fluorescent markings.

In recognition of the ingenuity of this design, the Duckweed Survival House has won the 2015 Red Hot award. It is certain the survival house will prove to be among the best lifesaving designs during floods and life-threatening rains. It is equally built to last long.