Great Example Which We All Need To Follow

Tommy Kleyn, a guy from Netherlands was not pleased with the way the waterfront he passes every day on the way to his work looks. And he decided to change it. Every day he woke up 30 min earlier, took one plastic garbage bag and cleaned waterfront. It took him less then a month 30 min a day to clean it. When he posted his progress on Facebook his friends decided to help him. Now it looks clean and healthy. And even Eurasian Coot started to nest in this newly cleaned area. Respect to this awesome man.

“Everyday, I ride my bicycle to work along the river bank. It’s a nice route to ride, except for one part.”


“A stretch of the river bank is covered in plastic bottles and other pieces of (mainly) plastic trash.”


“This is the littered part”:


“The trash annoyed me very much, so, I decided to start picking them up.”


“It took me about 30 minutes to fill one garbage bag with trash.”


“But, one bag doesn’t really make a dent in an area as polluted as this.”


“I vowed to fill one bag of trash each day I passed the spot.”


“The area between the arrows was clean at this point. This is the progress made in only 6 days”


“I shared my experiences on Facebook and now, over 180 people ‘like’ the project”


“A lot of people were all like ‘There should be more people like you!’”


“And there were: this is my friend Rick helping out”




“The location was next to a bike path, and quite a few people got off their bikes and said what a great initiative this was.”


“The trash tried to communicate with me”



“The last garbage bag”


“It only takes 30 minutes, it really makes a difference and you will be amazed about how good you’ll feel afterwards.”


“An Eurasian Coot started nesting in the part which I cleaned.”




  • Ruthanasia #BDS

    Well done 🙂

  • Sam Donna Dunston

    People today are so lazy they don’t do anything to help at all…..good for this guy, he cares.

    • osborne


  • James

    Do that in the USA and the Stray Cats will kill any birds that try and nest by the bike path

  • BlazedWithPower

    rich people problems…

    • Ryan Frank

      It’s everybody’s problem.

  • osborne


  • October

    Well done, pay it forward…

  • Bhavani Bhamidipaty

    This is what we should be doing for the Earth and the community. In India, there is a group of such enthusiasts who innovatively clean up areas. They have a page on facebook called “The Ugly Indian” if anyone is curious. Hats off to you Sir !! I hope I’m able to make such a difference in the areas around me.

  • Massi IJ

    Thanks! <3 <3 <3

  • Anothereno

    Great job! Litter or well pollution is a big problem these days you can blame the people who litter, but a big problem is with the cities themselves, most officials are more concerned with increasing their pay than the cities they live in so much that something as simple as a trash can along that path isn’t in the budget, if there were trash cans I bet most of the garbage would have ended up in them.

  • The Realistic Individual

    Very nice. Stay awesome.

  • More info and pics on huffingtonpost

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