Indian Ban Disposable Plastic in Delhi-NCR

India is a well known country when it comes to population and a top perfuming one at that when it comes to plastic pollution on global scale. Today, the country is responsive for up to 60% of all the 8.8 million tons of plastic being dumped in the sea in the world. This places the country among the top four of countries responsible for this act. However, the country’s authority is not smiling about this situation. They are already making plans to reverse this unhealthy and unbecoming trend of plastic pollution.  This desire for change has prompted the concerned authorities to pass a law which banned the use of all forms of disposable plastics all through the city, Delhi-NCR.

This law was passed in the December of last year and it became effective since the first day of 2017.  It is hoped that the new law will reverse the trend and make India clean again.  Some of the forms of disposable plastics affected by the new law are cutlery, chai cups and bags.  The law was passed by the nation Green Tribunal of India.

“Each of these sites s a depiction of the mess that can be created for environment and health of people of Delhi” This was stated by the National Green Tribunal.

The government made a move to recycle the plastics being generated in the country and they dedicated certain spots for plastic disposal. The plastics dumped in these locations were to be recycled for energy generation. It is however unfortunate that illegal recycling processes were taking place and such illegal processes were leading to air pollution. The dedicated local dumping sites are located at Bhalswa, Gazipur and Okhla and waste-to-energy plants are provided at these locations.

The government has gone further in its effort to protect the environment, by placing INR 10,000 on any slaughterhouse or vegetable vendor that dare throw nay garbage in any public place in the capital city or any other part of India.