Kids Get Hair-Cut Discount for Reading Loud

A barber has brought an idea to put smiles on the faces of kids that come to his shop for haircut and on the faces of their parents. How did he do this? He would ask the kids to read aloud while he is giving them haircut. Any kid that reads loud enough will receive $2 discount on hair cut from the barber. Most of the time, the barber does not hand the $2 over to the parents; rather, the money goes directly into the pocket of these young chaps.


Parents could not hide their appreciation for what Fuller Cut is doing for the kids. The barber’s shop is owned by one Ryan Griffin. Aside the kids and their parents, the kids’ teachers at school too   had shown how satisfied they are with the program, since it has improved on the kids’ ability to read. Ryan provides the books for these kids to read. He ensured these books are centered on innumerable subjects, ranging from books about writers to books about athletes and astronauts.

Griffin has a considerably large library selection; the books in his care number between 75 and 100. These books have specific theme and they are relatively new books, which helps keep the kids up to date with happenings around. The barber’s shop actually caters for the hair-cut needs of diverse communities, hence the need to provide books on various subjects and in different categories.

However, Griffin makes sure all the books he is giving the kids to read portray positive images of African-Americans. In his words; “All our books have positive images of African-Americans- whether it’s astronauts, athletes or writers”.

Griffin had been working in this shop for up to 20 years now. The concept of making the kids read loud while being barbed sounds like a new idea. However, griffin had debunked that, insisting that he had heard of such an idea in places like Columbus, Ohio, Houston Texas and Dubuque, Iowa.