Liberian Man Goes Extra Length to Get People Informed

Alfred Sirleaf is a great man in his one accord. He did something no one else could have eve thought of doing in his home country Liberia. Alfred Sirleaf is based in the federal capital and that is Monrovia and he has used his time and talent to link the locals with news and update. And yes, the individuals benefiting from this innovative method are full of nothing short of praises for him.  He has turned himself to the role model for folks around him.

What exactly is Alfred Sirleaf doing? He had decided to take the most unlikely route towards getting the people of the locality informed about happenings around. It happens that the online timelines, newspapers and TVs are not available to these individuals. What Alfred Sirleaf did was to device a way to get these individuals updated about issues that are happening around them. And the beauty of it is that the whole process is well accepted and it is gaining ground very fast.

How does Alfred Sirleaf get these individuals educated? All he did was to take his time to write down different news items on a chalkboard. People in the neighborhood, who can read, do come down to Alfred Sirleaf’s chalkboard to refresh their minds about issues that happened in the world around them. They are also well informed about happenings in their country and they got virtually every information they need for such enlightenment from Alfred Sirleaf’s chalkboard.  As a result, the people of the locality get wholesomely informed.

There are some of the people that are unable to read or write. Alfred Sirleaf never allows this to hinder these people from getting updated about latest information in the locality. What he does is to read out the content on his chalk board to those among them that cannot read.