Mercator Projection Changes Your View About Earth

The Mercator projection is one factor that makes some countries to look smaller and also make some countries to look bigger. In those long gone days, it was relatively difficult for cartographers to put 3D planet superimposed on a 2D animation map.  However, that is now a possibility today. This possibility was brought about by Gerardus Mercator, who is a cartographer and geographer of Flemish origin.   He made a map in 1569 that one could use for the purpose of successful navigation. The map however has a limitation in that it tends to get object sizes distorted in relation to their location on the equator


This makes some continents to appear bigger than they actually are, like Greenland and Antarctica.  This distorted many people’s view of the size of these seemingly bigger condiments, but the problem can now be solved easily, thanks to the website referred to as  On this website, you can easily move any continent or landmass from one location to the other.

For one, if you move the United States to stand beside Australia, you will be surprised at the unbelievable similarity in size between the two; it would look like they are of the same size. If you move Russia from its northern position to a more equatorial position, and superimpose it on east and Central Africa, you will see the Giant Bear appearance of Russia disappears.

Moving Romania from its European position into the Arctic Ocean will make the country appear more like a tiny island in which arctic oceans. If Australia is moved from its present position and superimposed on Europe, you may be surprised to see that Australia actually covers the whole of Europe.

On the site, Brazil looks impressively large when moved from its present position than in Russia. You will be surprised to see how big Indonesia really is also.