Mother of Four Built Her Home with Her Kids Using YouTube Video as Guide

Clara Brookins and her four kids used their own hands to bail themselves out of hopelessness, helplessness and a deflated self esteem by building their own home with their hands without involving any mason or professional builder. They were the builder and there was no one else that participated in the building process. Today, they are living in a home they had built with their own hands and they do love it no doubt.  Theirs is a story of resilience and determination and it is paying off for them big time. How exactly did they succeed in this daunting expediting? They simply took time to watch YouTube video and that was all they needed to get their dream home completed by themselves.

Clara Brookins was out of her second marriage and it had been a story of abuse and trepidation. She could not take it anymore and she had to take her leave from the abusive relationships. She however got something out of the relationships and these were her four kids.  By the time the second marriage was over, her relationship wither kids were also dented badly. “My kids and I needed something. I felt ashamed and I was worried that they had no self-esteem and no confidence.” The mother of four told BuzzFeed.

The idea of building their own homes and working together at it seem appealing since it would help bring the broken home together and help heal the wounds of the past. And this was exactly what happened. By the time the construction was over, she had successfully built a home for herself and her kids and has also mended her relationship with them.

Through the YouTube videos, Clara Brookins learnt about the various equipments required to build the home. She then bought a piece of land at Bryant, Arkansas and went ahead to procure $150,000 worth of tools using the money she got from a loan.  Her kids were 17, 15, 11, and 2 years old when the construction started in 2007 and they all participated actively to make this home what it is today.