RLR Helps Transition Dogs Into Real Homes

Dogs may not be able to talk and express themselves through spoken words. However, their body languages are loud enough for anyone, who is paying attention to hear and understand. They may not be able to express their feelings verbally, but you will not need to be a genius to understand that they do not like the idea of living in animal shelters.


These environments are never proper for animals. Animal shelters are rather noisy places . The isolation in these places can make a dog go out of its mind. The stress is yet another factor worthy of mentioning.

A can dog thrives better in a Real-Life Room (RLR) than in the conventional animal shelter. For one the RLR is built especially to fit the needs of the dog and make it feel more at home. It gives the dog a feel of what it means to live in a normal home.


The RLR is usually designed like the normal human home. It consists of both living rooms and bedrooms. Purpose is to enable the dog to get accustomed to what it means to live in a normal human home. The RLR serves as a kind of transitional channel that modifies the dog and take off the animal shelter mentality. It is designed to prepare the dog for the new home environment in which it will start living in shortly.


It is easier for the dog to transition from the RLR to a normal human home. The behavioral rehab center for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is located in Madison, New Jersey. They have already built their own RLR. In actual fact, they already have 4 of such shelters for dogs. The RLR they have built is roomy and built to standard.

Toledo Area Humane Society located in Maumee, Ohio too have opened RLR some week ago. Their spokesperson, Jessica LaValley stated the other day that “The Real Life Room’s most notable benefit is the opportunity for dogs to relax in a natural environment”