All Roads Lead to the Cinema for “Hidden Figures”

Taylor Richardson may be a 13 year girl, but she is already doing stuffs that will make many adults go green with envy. At her age, she is already planning on sponsoring people to go see the movie titled “Hidden Figures”. The movie is a hit no doubt and it has taken the world by suppose since it was released till date. It was a story about how three black women helped NASA to send a man to the orbit.  Many who have watched the movie have only praises for those who pushed women of color into relevance via the movie.

The movie has life changing impact and many who had watched it have come to love it. This is why Taylor Richardson is planning on raising funds so as to enable young girls that have not been opportune to see the movie to also have access to it. She had therefore stormed GoFundMe to raise money for this purpose. In total, she wants to raise $2,600. However, she had been able to raise up to $14,466  as at the time the total was checked.

It is not only Taylor Richardson that is planning such a huge thing like this, several other people are also working towards raising funds to send people to go and see the movie. Taylor Richardson believes this movie will positively impact the lives of anyone who watches it. She believes such movie will help colored individuals not to judge themselves because of their skin colors anymore.

According to Taylor Richardson, “This movie instills that us girls can dream big and make it even when odds are against us”.

Many schools are also in the fray. Some teachers in these schools have also stormed GoFundMe and they are raising fund to send some of their pupils to go see the movie. One of the individuals involved in this move is Peter Modulin, who is planning on raising $1,000 to take girls in the second, third, fourth and fifth grades in the school to go see the movie.