Train Station Built Around Ancient, Superstitious Tree

Whenever any new construction needs to be erected on a virgin land, the vegetations in that area always suffer. Shrubs and trees are always cut off to make way for the new construction. The vegetation is totally eradicated and the whole place is laid bare. Rarely will you see a new construction site where any of the plants is ever preserved or left unhurt. This is because they are seen as obstructions rather than a contribution.  However, this was not the case with the Japanese train station located in the city of Osaka in Japan.

This train station in Japan is not like any other thing you have seen around. While other train stations had the plant and animal lives originally residing in those particular areas eradicated, this train station decided to protect the vegetation. As a result, this camphor tree stands tall and proud among humans at this train station. The tree was spared when the constriction of the train station was ongoing. Till today, the tree is seen a part of the train station and I had been like that since this station came to being.  The entire area is so beautifully designed that no one will ever see the tree as something out of place. It perfectly fits the scenario.

According to officials, this tree being spared at the train station had been in existence long before anyone alive today is born; the tree is about 700 years old.  Aside from beautifying the area, the tree also has some superstitious beliefs about it. Aside from that, the people in the locality tend to love the tree and many also believe that there is something superstitious about the tree. This superstitious belief is exactly one of the major reasons why the tree was left untouched by the authorities when the train station was being built.